There are several options to support you with house clearance:

House Clearance Services Winchester:

  • Professional companies: These companies take care of everything, from removing all unwanted items to responsibly disposing of them or even recycling them. You can get a free quotes from us if you like by contacting us and we can arrange fro someone to visit you at your convienence

Charitable Donations:

  • Charity house clearance: Charities like the British Heart Foundation offer to take or collect items in good condition to sell in their shops, with proceeds funding their work going to their own charity.

Selling & Recycling:

  • Sell unwanted items: Online marketplaces or car boot sales are good options to sell items yourself.
  • Recycle: Check your local charities for information on bulk collections or take items to your nearest recycling centre.

Additional Tips:

  • Sorting beforehand: Sort items into piles for keeping, selling, donating, or throwing away. This will make the clearance process smoother.
  • Consider sentimental value: Take time to go through sentimental items and decide what to keep or give to family/friends.

Let me know if you’d like us to help you with house clearance services in your area. Contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.

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